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Advertising Order

500 Login Splash Displays

When you log in to your Member Section you will notice the Advertisment there. This is where this type of Advertising will be displayed.

This ad requires that you send us EITHER a picture that is no more than is no more than 400 pixels in height and no more than 600 pixels in width OR the url to the web page you wish to have displayed.

Your Name:
Member Number (if applicable):

Ad Information
Forwarding Url:
Banner Graphic Url:

** Note: You will want to enter only ONE of the Banner Options Above **
a) Banner Graphic Url is when your banner is stored on another site
b) Three Line Text Ad is when you are not using a Banner Graphic
c) Full Promo Url - Some sites provide a larger link that containes both the graphic AND your referral link

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