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Category: Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013



We Were having tech issues recently, but all is good now.

I have noticed that a LOT of my emails are bouncing. I do not mail
My members daily or even weekly. I send out MONTHLY newsletters,
So you are only hurting yourself by giving out bad emails, because
I really enjoy giving away free advertiising and much more. You will
Miss out on a lot if you don’t hear from me. Please correct your email, because I am not like a lot of TE administrators that bomb your email account with constant advertiising.


I need to hear from all individuals that own their websites. Please use this link to contact me: HELP DESK:

Don’t forget Valentine Hits member 1525 provided everyone with a wonderful referral pulling email that was posted approximately 3 months ago below in the Valentine Hits News area for
everyone to use.

You will notice words that are misspelled. This was done on purpose
To avoid the email from being dumped into the spam or junk

I want to encourage all of the new members to surf or refer their way
to a freee platinum upgrade. There are still 34 slots available, so
everyone still has a good chance of receiving one of these slots.
Please take the time to read the entire newsletter, because it contains vital information that will help you get the most out of your Valentine Hits membership.

GIIFTED WRITERS are still wanted and needed, so I will give
at least FOUR more freeee platinum upgrades to really good emails
regarding recruiting new Valentine Hits members.

Next, and Just in Case, if you ever find Valentine Hits down, you can still reach me by using my help desk link that I always put under my signature in the newsletters. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you put my
Helpdesk link in a safe place somewhere, because you never
Know what may happen when it comes to computers 

Lastly, if you are a new member, I strongly encourage you
to read the rest of this email.

* R E M I N D E R S *

1. Surf 2500 sites by November 30TH to receive a freee lifetime platinum upgrade, or you can refer 25 active members to receive one of the 34 available platinum upgrades.
** SPECIAL NOTE ** Platinum Members receive 50 percent commissions and can email their down line weekly. (You can check your Surfing contest stats in your member’s area. It is in the last Box and it is titled “current surfing contest”.)

2. I am still offering a lifetime platinum upgrade to any VH member
That finds the Valentine Hits’ “Word/Phrase of the Month” log-in
Splash page or banner. The Valentine Hits’ “Word/Phrase of the Month”
Banner is the one that you see while surfing.

When you find the log-in splash page or banner, just click where
Indicated and submit the word/phrase. Your prize and upgrade
Will be applied to your account within approximately 24 hours.

3. There is a featured banner in your member’s area that is worth 25O credits.

4. Don’t forget that you can trade your credits for log-in splash pages and much more. See your member’s area for more details.

Thank you so much for being loyal member.

Until next time . . .

Wishing You Success,
Admin-Valentine Hits