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Category: Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013

Title: NEWS...Upcoming Eye Surgery

Sorry I am so late with the monthly newsletter. I will be
Having eye surgery this month on the right eye. I am told
That this is an easy procedure, so hopefully everything will
Go smoothly.

Don’t forget that Valentine Hits member 1525 provided everyone
With a wonderful referral pulling email that I posted in the Valentine
Hits News tab area for everyone to use. VH member 1525 was
Upgraded to platinum for their generosity. You will
notice words that are misspelled. This was done on purpose
To avoid the email from being dumped into the spam or junk

I want to welcome all our new members, and encourage
Each of you to surf or refer your way to a freee platinum upgrade.
There are still 34 slots available, so everyone still has a good
chance of receiving one of these slots. Please take the time
to read the entire newsletter, because it contains vital information
that will help you get the most out of your Valentine Hits membership.

GIFTED WRITERS are still wanted and needed, so I will give
at least FOUR more free platinum upgrades to really good emails
regarding recruiting new Valentine Hits members.

Just in Case, if you ever find Valentine Hits down, you can still
Reach me by using my help desk link that I always put under my signature. So, please read at least one :) so that you can put my
Helpdesk link in a safe place somewhere, because you never
Know what may happen when it comes to computers. 

If you are a new member, I strongly encourage you
to read the reminders posted in previous newsletters below.

Thank you for being loyal members. You guys are the best.

Valentine Hits