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User Agreement

*  This site has a strict no-spamming policy. I agree to only advertise my affiliate link through legitimate forms of advertising. In case of spam-complaints as a result of my advertising, my account can be closed.

*  As a Member of Valentine Hits I request that the administrators do NOT give out any of my submitted personal information for any reason.

*  I further agree that I will be using an email address that does NOT lead to a non-existent email account or a catch all account that will fill up and bounce emails. I further understand that, should emails sent to me bounce, I accept I will likely have my account deleted and lose any credits that I may have earned.

*  It is okay with me if the Administrators of Valentine Hits send me the occasional email if they have news or something they feel is worth my consideration. I understand that the Administrators will not abuse this and emails will be kept to a minimum. If they send too many, or for any reason I may quit the program at any time.

*  I WILL NOT submit any sites pornographic in nature. If in doubt of the 'acceptability' of a site, I will contact the Administrators prior to setting it up. I also understand that doing so may result in my Membership with Valentine Hits being terminated without warning which will result in the loss of any and all credits I may have accumulated.

*  I also understand that the speed of all Traffic Sites can be effected by the number of sites in the Database. Should my account show a negative balance and no activity for a period of more than 6 months, the administrators will assume I have abandoned my account and remove it to keep the active member surfing at the best possible speed.


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